Comprehensive dental exam, including oral cancer screening

Digital x-rays

→ Exposure to radiation is much less than traditional x-rays, plus digital x-rays allow us to immediately record and store the information on the computer. ln most cases we will be able to take your x-rays without putting anything in your mouth!

Professional teeth cleaning and flouride treatments

Nitrous Oxide

Tooth colored fillings

Crowns and bridges

lmplant restoration

Porcelain veneers

Tooth Whitening - Zoom Plus!™

Oral appliance therapy for treating snoring and sleep apnea

Same Day Dentistry

→ We now offer "Same Day Dentistry." With digital technology we can take a picture of your teeth with a digital scanner and create your crown, filling, or veneer with a state-of-the-art milling unit right in our office. The final restoration is placed in your mouth the same day. No more temporaries, no more multiple visits, no more messy impressions. Ask us if a same day restoration is right for you!